Do you promise yourself next week will be different?

You say to yourself "that’s it! My diet starts next Monday", but come Wednesday all the good intentions are gone and you write the whole week off - only to promise yourself again that come Monday you will be ready to change your life?

What are you NOT doing right now?

Whether you have a business, work a 9-5 or are a stay at home mum, I bet my bottom dollar there are things you want to add into your life 'one day' but you just don’t have the time maybe its:

  • Join the gym
  • Actually sit with your kids for an hour and not be distracted
  • Learn how to speak Russian
  • Spend time at home that is not just sitting scrolling through social media
  • Cut down alcohol
  • Cut down eating crap
  • Have a date once a month with your partner
  • Have lunch with the girls
  • Read a book

And at the end of every week you are still sat hating the fact you haven’t done those things.  

You ran out of time so you promise yourself 'one day' next week will be the start of the change, you pep yourself up. You eat all the crap and drink all the alcohol to “clear “ the house ready for Monday so you don’t get tempted to eat or drink it once you actually start………… only to live the same week again over and over.

You feel like a failure. You can’t do these simple things you want so bad. You feel your life isn’t progressing. You are stuck.

That used to be me, too.

I finally found the best way to get organised

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE a list. If I write down what I want to do, I get it done, no matter what. My kids work better this way too. We use reward charts at home to help the kids keep up with what they are doing. One day I thought "f*ck it, there needs to be a Reward Chart for Grown Ups too!" So I set myself up a system, made a chart and haven't looked back!

What you Get

(no catches!)

  • Life Lesson #1 - Rewarding Habits

    You get access to a 20 minute video lesson where I explain how setting goals for the things you want to do and rewarding yourself when you achieve them can turn into happy habits!

  • Bonus Habit Worksheet

    As a thank you for signing up for my free lesson, I share my own excel worksheet that I use to track my habit goals and reward myself. Its like a Reward Chart for Grown-ups! And it works for me!

  • Your own Lightbulb Moment

    No more putting off. No more getting suffocated and consumed by everything you have to do. Time to make way for the things you actually want to do!

Why wouldn't you?

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